Welcome to this innovative space where I publish powerful, relevant, edgy, amusing, 5D forward articles. I am a New Earth transformational healer & vibrational influencer via words, here to serve you! I am in the business of inspiring people to unleash their super powers!

Like it or not, everything is changing... Enough of us have had enough, & because we worked hard to change ourselves over the past number of years, the world now has no choice but to match us. It's Universal Law. The old system is crumbling & you, reader… are either crumbling with it, or choosing to change too. Change choosers… I am here to serve YOU! Keep up the great work. You are in the right place. Here, we don't endorse the untruths anymore. The time is NOW. New Earth is dawning!

The endgame is ALWAYS giving peace a chance, even though it may appear, at times, otherwise. I have been known to be... colorful, as they say. It may indeed be the Age of Aquarius, however, the Dark Ages are still in the air. Ya think?

You could say, I have a master’s degree in scattering the ashes of yesteryear. Everything I do, I am, I teach, speak, write, share, convey & communicate... is a BIG GIANT UPDATE. The old worn-out pain program we have all been so accustomed to over the years & centuries of incarnation upon incarnation... IS FINALLY EXPIRING. Thank God. Thus, I am here to help "make humans free again."

Stick around! Namaste

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