The Universe Has Your Back

Jenay Zapp
5 min readMay 21, 2022

A Badass Prosperity Affirmation

Warning: prepare for a powerful upgrade… it works!

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I grant permission to my personal benevolent spirit team right now & always

to show me, guide me, lead me, & go before me in all I do. May they open all right doors & windows so that I may proceed onto the dance floor of this life with my dancing shoes on, where supreme confidence cancels out caution. Net-breaking blessings are a normality here. The rain of abundant blessings is pouring down because I AM infinitely abundant in spirit. I have plenty of wealth & my riches increase daily because I AM… quality & value.

I live in an infinitely abundant Universe

Each & every one of us is an heir to the holy throne of the oneness that exemplifies this. All is linked to the ONE, thus we are each heirs. I now allow my life to reflect that. I feel prosperity. I feel rich. I feel abundant. I know the feelings. I am FAMILIAR with the feelings… of wealth, fortune, freedom & favor. I feel bountiful, opulent, amazing & astute. I feel proud to represent the glorious natural state of bounty, grace, fortune, wealth & prosperity. I feel proud to represent the Divine Oneness that is my ancestral lineage.

I allow myself to embody…



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